Daljeet S. Samra, MD

 Allergist & Immunologist 

Primary Immune Deficiency Specialist

Dr. Samra has years of experience in assisting his patients from across the San Francisco Bay area including Livermore, Dublin, and Pleasanton, CA, with Primary Immune Deficiencies life full and meaningful lives. With regular visits to Dr. Samra at his office at Tri Valley Allergy adult and pediatric patients can maintain healthy, active lifestyles.

Primary Immune Deficiencies Q & A

What is Primary Immune Deficiency?

Primary Immunodeficiency diseases are a group of more than 250 chronic disorders where part of the body’s immune system is compromised or missing. These diseases are not contagious and are usually caused by genetic issues. The disorders may be different, but they all have one common feature: the immune system does not function properly, causing increased susceptibility to infection. The disease can affect any part of the body, from the sinuses, throat, and ears to the lungs, brain or spinal cord. Children and adults can be affected by these disorders.


What kind of treatment is available?

There are several treatments available for the increased infections suffered by those with Primary Immune Deficiency. Many doctors will prescribe prophylactic antibiotics, which help to prevent infections, rather than treating a bacterial infection. Immunoglobulin treatment is sometimes prescribed to temporarily replace some of the antibodies which are not working correctly or missing. In some cases, stem cell or gene therapy might be used. These are less common and used only in severe cases.

What can I do to manage my disease?

Living with Primary Immune Deficiency is not without its challenges. Maintaining every day health is essential to managing the disease. Eating a healthy and balanced diet as well as taking regular exercise, and being careful to avoid unnecessary exposure to viruses and bacteria through good personal hygiene practice without overly compromising a normal lifestyle, are key parts of living with the disease for both children and adults. You should discuss vaccines in detail with your doctor as some forms of the disease will not tolerate vaccines.

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“"Dr. Samra was excellent! He listened, asked me lots of questions, answered all of mine and explained everything so that I didn't leave feeling confused." 




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